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This year's show is coming soon and we have already mailed out our "Save the Date" Cards. Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to you showing up for our show.

Cruise to Poulsbo 2017

This year's cruise will be starting at Sharis in East Bremerton and will be leading to First Luthern Church in Poulsbo, WA. Word of advice, stay to the right in Poulsbo as one of the streets will merge right. Once everyone is parked the tour of downtown Poulsbo and an Ice Cream stand, can begin.


Last Year's Best in Show


Last Year's Show Results

A - 64 1/2 - 66 Coupe:

1st 66 CP Dayna Matthews Mustangs West

2nd 65 CP Ron & Kathy Henderson North Olympic

3rd 66 CP Willi King Pacific Cascade


B - 64 1/2 - 66 Convertible:

1st 66 CV John Dahlbeck Mustangs NW

2nd 66 CV Tiffany Dagan Pacific Cascade

3rd 65 CV Mike & Denise Mairs Kitsap


C -65-66 Fastback:

1st 66 FB Chris Herzog None

2nd 65 FB Phil Pignon Kitsap

3rd 65 FB Jay Sandy Kitsap


D -67-68 Coupe:

1st 68 CP/CS Bill Norman Pierce

1st 68 CP Wayne Hill Pacific Cascade

2nd 68 CP Rick Melvin North Olympic

3rd 67 CP Maggie & Bill Sebel GVMA


E -67-68 Convertib le:

1st 68 CV Erv & Billie Malkowski Kitsap

2nd 67 CV Denise Sellers Kitsap

3rd 68 CV Bruce Muhleman None


F - 67-68 Fastback:

1st 68 FB Jeff Olsen None

2nd 67 FB Randy & Kim Lakin None


G - 69-73 Coupe:

1st 70 Grande Jerry Murphy Pierce

2nd 72 Grande Alan Rickett Kitsap

3rd 69 CP James Lively Pierce


H - 69-73 Convertible:

1st 73 CV Peter Lewis None

2nd 73 CV Chet Wyman None


I - 69-73 Fastback:

1st 70 FB Brian & Daphne Young Kitsap

2nd 72 FB Al Provost None

3rd 69 FB Jeral Godfrey Mustangs NW


J - 69-73 Mach 1:

1st 70 Mach 1 Eddie Hill None

2nd 69 Mach 1 Larry Lef Pacific

3rd 70 Mach 1 Susan Stadshaug Kitsap


K - 74-78 All:

1st 78 Mach 1 Al Schaffler Mustangs West

1st 78 Mach 1 Jeff & Lori Johnson Kitsap

2nd 77 Cobra Ronald Henderson North Olympic

3rd 78 Cobra Tracey & Eric Johnson None


L- 79-93 Hardtop/Hatchback:

1st 87 HB Richard Nordlund Pierce

2nd 86 GT HB John Williams None

2nd 79 HB Robert Ogden Mustangs NW

3rd 89 GT HB Lucas Reed Wicked Stangs

3rd 93 HB Blake Stouden None


M - 79-93 Convertible:

1st 92 CV Larry & Charlene Rivera Pierce

2nd 91 CV Bill & Sally Hubbell None

3rd 93 CV Matt & Carly Montgomery None


N - 94-98 All:

1st 96 CP Matt Williams Kitsap

2nd 94 CV Jeanine Paluck Kitsap

3rd 98 GT CV Kathy Kiehn Kitsap


O - 99-04 Hardtop:

1st 00 CP Antonio Sparano Seattle Mustang

2nd 01 CP Rose Jones None

3rd 99 CP Melissa Larson Pierce


P - 99-04 Convertible:

1st 00 CV Ron Tarver None

2nd 99 CV Pam & Phil Ramsey Kitsap

3rd 04 CV Sharon Smead Mustangs NW


Q - 05-09 Hardtop:

1st 07 HT Ken Dodd Kitsap

2nd 06 HT Clint Hill Mustangs West

3rd 06 HT Ken Gamble Wicked Stangs


R - 05-09 Convertible:

1st 05 GT CV Woodstock VanAlstine None

2nd 06 GT CV Mike Smith None

3rd 07 GT CV Steve Maxwell Kitsap


S - 2010-Present Hardtop:

1st 11 HT Joshua Crabb Wicked Stangs

2nd 11 HT Eric Antoine Aloha Hawaii

3rd 11 GT CS Tom & Nancy Britton Mustangs West


T - 2010-Present Convertible:

1st 14 CV Karen Neland Mustang Wranglers

2nd 14 GT CV Dan Jemelka Mustangs West

3rd 13 GT CV Marie & Jim Casult Mustangs West

This year's show is coming soon and we have already mailed out our "Save the Date" Cards. Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to you showing up for our show.


U – 2015 to present (All):

1st 15 GT HT Sean Murray Mustangs West

2nd 15 HT Craig Gottschalk North Olympic

3rd 15 CV Jon & Cheri Knobler None


AA - Shelby (Late Model GT/GT350 All):

1st 16 GT 350 Eric Evans Kitsap

2nd 08 GT C Al & Gena Black Kitsap

3rd 13 GT 350 Dave Sturgeon Kitsap


BB – Shelby (2007-2009 Late Model GT500 All):

1st 07 CV Mark Stadshaug Kitsap

2nd 09 HT Dennis Willert Pierce

3rd 08 HT Randy Bronson MCA/Shelby of America


CC – Shelby (2010-Present Late Model GT500 All):

1st 14 HT Mike Rasmussen Pierce

2nd 10 HT Len McCready Kitsap

3rd 13 HT Jon Smith None


DD – Boss/Shelby (Early Model):

1st 67 GT 350 HT Dennis Karras None

2nd 67 GT 350 HT Bruce Van Woudenberg Kitsap

3rd 69 Boss 302 Mark Peterson Mustang NW


EE - Boss (Late Model):

1st 13 Boss 302 Steve Androsko None

2nd 12 Boss 302 Chuck Manley Mustangs West

3rd 13 Boss 302 Bob Wolfe Kitsap


FF - 21 & Under:

1st 67 CP Landon Lively Pierce

2nd 06 CV Merissa Eisenberg Kitsap

2nd 05 HT Madison Sturgeon Kitsap

3rd 69 CP Riley Voss None


GG - Under Construction:

1st 71 FB Ron Rickett None

2nd 66 CP Rhonda Jacobi Kitsap

3rd 78 FB Joshua Garner Cruisin Stangs


HH - Late Model Mach 1/Bullitt:

1st 09 Bullitt Kary Kidder Pacific Cascade

2nd 04 Mach 1 Toma Jo McCready Kitsap

3rd 04 Mach 1 Mark Hollars Pacific Cascade

II - Cobra HT:

1st 03 HT Mike Mayer None

2nd 94 SVT HT Jim Bankson None

3rd 98 HT Bruce Howell None

JJ - Cobra CV:

1st 99 CV Collette Carpenter Emerald City

2nd 98 CV Bruce & Margaret Petersen Pacific Cascade

3rd 94 CV Gena & Al Black Kitsap


KK – Roush All:

1st 15 CV Gary Heuer Mustang Wranglers

2nd 16 HT Pam Pistella Pierce

3rd 13 HT Larry Reece None


LL – Saleen All:

1st 07 Parnelli J. Burt Kreidler Pierce

2nd 07 CV Rich Chalke Greater Vancouver

3rd 00 CP Bryan Zimbelman Pierce


MM - Special Interest:

1st 89 CP Tim Haun None


NN - Modified (64½ - 73):

1st 70 CV John & Ann Buckbee Kitsap

2nd 65 CP Alan Kinney Kitsap

3rd 65 FB Robt. Smith None


OO - Modified (74 - 93):

1st 76 CP Charles Botsford Pierce

2nd 88 CV Karena Peterson Mustangs West

3rd 86 HT Dwight Weathers North Olympic

3rd 88 HT Larry Bell Cruisin Stangs


PP - Modified (94 - 04):

1st 04 HT Shane Adkins Cruisin Stangs

2nd 96 GT Dave Hawley None

2nd 99 CV Skylar Birkhimer Wicked Stangs


QQ - Modified (05 - 09):

1st 07 GT HT Paul & Heidi Geise Pierce

2nd 06 CV Malena Grail Mustang Wranglers

3rd 06 HT Maria Gonzalez Gig Harbor Cruisers


RR - Modified (10 - Present):

1st 15 GT HT Morgan & Jordan Thornton Wicked Stangs

2nd 12 GT HT Cliff Nelsen None

3rd 11 HT Greg Northup Kitsap

Club Participation: Pierce County Mustang Club (21 cars)


Long Distance: Randy & Kim Lakin, Denver Colorado 1,100+ miles


Mayor’s Choice trophy: Dayna Matthews, 66 CP, Mustangs West


Fathoms of Fun pick: Tiffany Dagan, 66 CV, Pacific Cascade Mustang Club


Miss West Sound’s Choice: John Dahlbeck, 66 CV, Mustangs Northwest


Carroll Shelby (sponsored by Al’s Automotive): Ronald Henderson, 77 Cobra, North Olympic


Trooper Tony: Jerry Murphy, 70 CP, Pierce County Mustang Club


Best Paint (sponsored by Apex Collision Services, Nathan Wood): Eddie Hill, 70 Mach 1

Last Year's Sponsors

Al's Automotive

All Star Lanes

Allen's Tree Farm

American Muscle

Airport Diner

Arrow Lumber Port Orchard

Auto Krafters

Auto Zone 6th St. Bremerton

Auto Zone Port Orchard

Avenue Barber Shop Naval Ave. Bremerton

Big O Tires Port Orchard

Blu Berry Frozen Yogurt

Bruce Titus Ford

Bill Eisenburg Upholstery

California Mustang

Clever Gift Shop Kingston

Central Avenue Salon

Cookie's Pet Corner & Wash

Costco Silverdale

Discount Tire and Wheel Park Avenue Bremerton

Discount Tire and Wheel East Bremerton

D&W Automotive

Elmer's Family Restaurant

Everybody's Restaurant Port Orchard

Griot's Garage

Grumpy's Rods and Customs

Hagerty Insurance

HomeMade Cafe

Innovative Auto Body Belfair

Jane @ Itty Bitty Beauty Shop

Kentucky Mustang

Kitsap Autoglass and Mobile Radio Inc.

Kitsap Marina

Larry's Thunderbird & Mustang Parts

Late Model Restoration

Legendary Poartraits Rod Shots

Les Schwab Tire Center Belfair

Little City Candy In Kingston

Lucky Pup Kingston

McLendon’s Ace Hardware Belfair

Moon Dogs Too

Mount Hood Mustangs & Fords

Napa Auto Parts Kistap Way Bremerton

National Parts Depot

O'Reilly Kistap Way Bremerton

O'Reilly East Bremerton

Off The Chain

Rainy Dayz Art By Tom & Lisa Telquist

Poulsbo Junction Insurance Jason Till

Puerto Vallarta Port Orchard

Sheri Rea @ Ashton’s Hair Design

Seaside Blond

Summit Racing Equipment

Sweet Wheels

Tacoma Glass Blowing Studio

Tacoma Screw

The Candy Shoppe

The Dock Bar & Eatery

The Clipper Barbershop

The Point Casion

Tony D. Branda Performance

Westbay Napa of Silverdale

Kitsap Mustang Club Members and Friends

We would never be able to put on a spectacular event without the help from our Show Sponosors. KMC Thanks You!!